LAKE COUNTY — With another year under their belt with hiring a third-party to brine Lake County roads, Lake County Road Commission members met with the township officials of Lake to discuss brining options for 2019 last Wednesday evening at the road commission building.

Last year, townships were required to apply two applications of brine. This year, townships can choose whether they receive a second application of brine, but if they do, the contract must be up-front so the road commission can figure the cost into next year’s budget, said Lake County Road Commission Manager Steve Leonard.

“In the past we had complaints because townships did not want to commit to a second brine application, so this gives townships another option, but we will need to know up-front. We would like to know as soon as possible, within the next month, if townships will commit to a second brining,” he said, adding if the townships commit to one brine application now, and next summer decide they want two, the township will have to fund the second application entirely. Currently, the cost is split between the townships and road commission for committal to two brining applications.

A second brining is an option for townships that feel just one brining application is not sufficient for dust control.

For 2019, the road commission hired Beckman Production Services, Inc., to apply the brine. Bob Conrad, dust control supervisor, was present at the meeting and answered questions.

“We want to make your lives better,” Conrad said. “We plan to apply the first coat of brine the first week of May, depending on weather. Our goal is to be done with the first brining by Memorial Day when the traffic comes.”

Conrad said they will plan the second brining when the road commission gives the OK, which is estimated to be in July.

“Brining is about a two-week process,” Leonard said. “The brining typically starts at the northeast-end of the county, working north to south, and back to the road garage.

The road commission will send out form letters to the townships so officials have time to reply back to the road commission by December so the road commission can start budgeting.