The unofficial start of summer

Lake County mainstay, Jones' Ice Cream, reopens for the season

BALDWIN — June 21 may be the official start of summer, but in Lake County summer began on March 27, because that was the day Jones' Ice Cream opened back up for business.

After closing for a long, cold winter, the Baldwin mainstay is back and ready to serve Lake County's residents. Despite warmer temperatures earlier in the week, April 27 delivered 30 degree temperatures and even a little snow. Still, this didn't slow down all of Jones' customers.

"Friday wasn't bad," said Jones' owner Terri Jamieson. "We're off to a slow start, but we always are in the spring. When the sun comes out, though, people start thinking about ice cream."

Jamieson said there's no real secret to Jones' success besides always delivering a good product and never lowering their standards.

"We've been serving quality, homemade ice cream since 1942 so it's a multigenerational clientele," explained Jamieson. "We have grandparents who bring in their grandchildren, and we know those kids will be bringing their own grandkids in one day."

With temperatures rising back above 60 degrees, it's only a matter of time before Jones' is once again serving up order after order of its homemade ice cream.