The Chase Historical Society celebrates 14 year anniversary

CHASE—Every third Tuesday of the month starting at 2 p.m., there is a collaboration of old-time Chase area residents reminiscing stories of the past, showing artifacts and old photos and sharing their latest research finds at the Chase Township Public Library.

The Chase Historical Society celebrated its14th year in operation, Tuesday, Oct. 18, with cake. The meetings bring together a wide selection of ideas, discourse and personalities.

“We are a low-key group that has accomplished a lot these past 14 years,” said Diane Johnson, who oversees the monthly historical meetings in Chase.

“If you go into the research room here at the library you will find a lot of information on individual families, school records, cemetery records and military information from this area. We have assisted many families with their research and have helped many out-of-state people learn about their ancestors who lived in the area. We might not be able to provide them a family tree, but we always come up with something in the record trails,” Johnson said.

Johnson switches up historical exhibits in the display case so visitors can appreciate a variety of what the Chase Historical Society has collected over the years.

Anyone is welcome to use the research room and attend the monthly meetings.