Thank you to my school and my community

Alec Wroblewski, Baldwin High School Valedictorian
Alec Wroblewski, Baldwin High School Valedictorian

By Alec Wroblewski

Baldwin High School Valedictorian

The senior class at Baldwin High School is more of a family than a class. I grew up with most of my classmates, and having so many friends made growing up so much easier. I have always had friends to help me with classes, to participate in sports with, and to just hang out and relax with. Being so close with this group of people has helped me keep my sanity when stressful situations presented themselves without warning, and is one of the major reasons I have been successful throughout my high school career.

They aren't the only reason for my success however, the teachers were a big part as well. Being from a small community and school has allowed me to form a relationship with all of my teachers that most kids at bigger schools cannot experience. They have all become my friends, and are a big part of my life. It was their love of education that inspired me to continue to pursue higher education. So I have to thank them along with my classmates for carrying me through those four long years.

There is one more thank you I have to add, and that is to my family, and more specifically my parents. Only God knows what my mother and father had to go through in order to raise me to be who I am today, and I owe all the credit to them. It was their support that kept me optimistic, their faith that kept me strong, and their love that kept me going. My siblings were always my number one fans. Whether it be in the band room, in the class, or on the field, they were always there. I’m grateful that God blessed me with such a great support group as a family.

The practice and lessons from school, along with the continuous support of so many people, have left me ready for the next step in life. Living on my own and miles away from family and friends will be hard, but I am ready. I plan to attend Eastern Michigan University in the fall of 2015 with a concentration of pre-med. The idea of being a doctor came to me when I was younger, and I haven’t let that dream get away from me yet. In the long run, I would like to graduate medical school and join the military as a doctor. This idea was influenced by my father’s service in the Army, and the respect I have for those who served this country in the other branches.

Being the Valedictorian of such a great class is an honor, and to those that helped me reach this point in my life, thank you. I will use everything I have learned to build my own successful life as a graduate of Baldwin High School.