Team Feed the Hungry helps food pantry

BALDWIN — The Bread of Life food pantry in Baldwin relies on donations throughout the year. Team Feed the Hungry, made up of groups and businesses in the community, provide annual support for the pantry, which Lynne Mills, board member for Bread of Life food pantry, is grateful for.

"Many donation partners help us keep the Bread of Life pantry going," she said. "We are all on the same team. I am so appreciative of the many who help."

Baldwin Lions Club President Dick Denney and his wife Joy presented a $200 check to the pantry on Sept. 18.

For the Share the Harvest campaign, in which hunters can donate venison to the pantry, the M-37 Meat Shack offers free whole deer processing.

"John Matson from the M-37 Meat Shack helps us with burger and do most of our meat packaging. They do the Share the Harvest campaign to help provide venison for us. He says 'Its an easy way to help our neighbors by providing venison as a choice.' This is a great way to get venison to hungry people," Mills said.

Houseman's Foods did a campaign this summer where people could donate $1 to the pantry during checkout. They raised more than $3,500 for the pantry.

"We have many donation partners big and small," Mills said. "We are grateful for the continued generosity this community provides."