Take care of your heart with free programs

LAKE COUNTY -- February is American Heart Month and the Live Well for Your Heart Program is inviting Lake County residents to connect with others and participate in free programs to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Heart disease can be prevented, which is why focusing on improving your heart health is so important. Making connections with other people and having close, positive relationships in your life not only benefits your overall health, but your heart health too.

The Live Well for Your Heart Program provides the opportunity for participants to connect with others to reduce their risk for heart disease and access health care services and programs to increase physical activity, achieve weight management, receive dental health care, prevent diabetes, and quit tobacco use.

This February, put into action one or more of these tips to begin a journey towards a healthier lifestyle:

• Invite a friend, coworker, family member to walk with you on a regular basis.

• Ask a friend, coworker, or family member to join you in your effort to eat healthier.

• Find a friend, coworker, or family member willing to work towards a healthy weight with you. Think about joining the Spectrum Health Fit 4 U Weight Management program, call (231) 592-4204 for more information.

• Participate in a relaxing activity every day such as yoga or meditation or join an online stress-management program.

• Call a District Health Department No. 10 Tobacco Treatment Specialists, at (231) 316-8558 in Lake County, for support to quit smoking.

Visit https://www.livewell4health.org/livewell-for-your-heart to see what others in your community are doing for their heart health.

District Health Department No. 10, Baldwin Family Health Care, Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital, My Community Dental Centers, and Ferris State University are working together on the Live Well for Your Heart Program to reduce heart disease in their communities and provide resources to help community members live healthier lives.