Summer gardening tips

Whether you're new to gardening or were born with a green thumb, there are many things to know about the different tools you'll need. From breaking up soil to keeping flowers watered, these tools are all you need to take care of your garden.

10 Must-Have Garden Tools:

1. Garden Cultivator - These handy tools are great for reaching tighter areas where a longer tool just won't fit. They're used for weeding in between plants and breaking up soil.

2. Garden Fork - Also known as a hand rake, a garden fork is perfect for working loose soil, aerating sod, and digging up root crops. If you plan on building raised garden beds, you'll definitely want one of these in your garden shed.

3. Garden Trowel - Time to get a little dirty, break up the dirt, and dig holes for planting with a well-made garden trowel. Find one with a comfortable handle that makes it easier on your hands.

4. Pruners - A pair of hand pruners comes in handy for multiple garden tasks: pruning small branches, cutting large flowers and clumps of perennials, and scoring root balls before you plant them.

5. Shovels - You'll need a shovel for digging the holes to plant trees and shrubs. A shovel also comes in handy when you need to pick up and move dirt, gravel, compost, and sand.

6. Spades - If you plan on doing landscaping, a garden spade is a great tool to have. Garden spades work well for soil aeration and turning soil. A spade with a straight-edge blade can also be used for edging.

7. Garden Hoe - Getting to deep-rooted weeds can be a pain in the garden. With a garden hoe, you can easily remove pesky weeds and get back to tending to your plants and flowers.

8. Garden Rake - A garden rake is used for cleaning up debris in your soil. You'll definitely want one if you're planning on plotting a new garden.

9. Gardening Gloves - Not only will gardening gloves keep your hands clean, but they'll protect them, too. Gloves that are coated with plastic or nitrile work well for protecting your hands from thorns and sharp rocks in the soil. Rubber and latex gloves will also help keep your hands dry when you're digging in wet soil.

10. Watering Can - Instead of hauling your garden hose around your yard, you can simply fill up a watering can. Keeping plants and flowers properly hydrated throughout the season is a must for any gardener.