Study: Michigan has fourth-highest population of sex offenders

Nearly 40,000 registered in the state 

A new study shows that Michigan has the fourth-highest total number of people listed on the sex offender registry among the 50 states and District of Columbia.

Michigan has the ninth-highest population when adjusted for overall population density, according to, a home security company.

More than 39,921 people were listed on the Michigan state sex offender registry, a figure found in May 2021. There are 400 registered sex offenders per 100,000 residents in the state.

The study was done by consulting every state's public registry and comparing those numbers to population statistics. Researchers also analyzed sex crime and child abuse data to create a broad picture of sexual violence in each state.

A total of 780,407 people are currently listed on sex offender registries maintained by the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

That's an increase of around 32,000 from a previous analysis conducted in 2019, which found about 752,000 people listed, according to SafeHome.

States vary when it comes to the types and severity of sex-related crimes that will land someone on a sex offender registry.

In order to be listed on a state's sex offender registry, an individual must be convicted of a sex-related violent crime, such as rape or sexual assault, which are generally included on the list of offenses that require registration.

The other major crime category that requires sex offender registration in most states is child molestation. A host of crimes can fall under this umbrella, including child sex abuse, exploitation or sexual misconduct with a minor.

In Michigan, the full list of crimes that can land a convicted person on the sexual offender registry include child sexually abusive activity or material possession; human trafficking involving recruiting a minor and engaging services of prostitution.

Individuals who are convicted of listed offenses both in Michigan and in other states are required to register on the list, as are those who are on parole or transferred to the state of Michigan for listed offenses.

It’s important to note these figures change on an ongoing basis. That’s because states have varying requirements when it comes to who has to register and how long their names must remain on the registry.

It should also be noted that some states’ registries overlap between sex offenders and others convicted of violent crimes.