BALDWIN — While school officials are still calculating total numbers, preliminary numbers during Count Day show a slight decrease at Baldwin Community Schools for this academic year.

The number of students in this year's Count Day preliminary estimates was 519, compared to 534 a year ago, a difference of 15 students. There are 104 students in grades nine through 12; 143 students in sixth through eighth grade; and kindergarten through fifth grade has 271 students.

"We are down by about 12 students between fifth and sixth grades," said Superintendent Richard Heitmeyer. "We are going to try to determine why the number is down significantly there."

While the numbers are down among fifth and sixth grade, Heitmeyer said there were some encouraging factors, such as a decent-sized kindergarten class.

"We have 57 kindergartners this year, five up from last year," he said. "Seventh grade also is up five students compared to last year. This is good information for us to look at. If the number is down, we can try to determine why, but there is not a significant decrease to cause panic. We will look at all facets of Baldwin Community Schools."