St. Ann's meal menu program

The following meals will be served at St. Ann's Senior Center beginning the week of Jan. 30.

  •  Monday, Jan. 30: BBQ pork with bun, potato wedges, kettle beans and pineapple. Salad bar and soup.
  •  Tuesday, Jan. 31: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, normandy vegetables and rolls. Salad bar and soup.
  •  Wednesday, Feb. 1: Chicken pot pie, Tuscan blend veggies, roll and mandarin oranges. Salad bar and soup.
  • Thursday, Feb. 2: Fishwich with bun, hash browns, green beans and applesauce. Salad bar and soup.
  • Friday, Feb. 3: Beef stew with veggies, Venetian blend veggies, biscuit and cookies. Salad bar and soup.