Sportsman Club hoping to reach deal with Pleasant Plains Township on property


BALDWIN — Lake County Sportsman Club officials are hopeful of making progress in their attempts to secure a 100-acre piece of property at the Baldwin airport site from the Pleasant Plains Township board.

The site would be developed into a clubgrounds area for the group.

The club has been looking to secure a site for almost two years.

Club president Rick Delamater said the club and township have been working on a proposed lease and are set to meet this Monday.

“The club will sit down with the township board and put the two leases down and come up with something agreeable for both parties,” Delamater said. “Their attorney...they want to point out all the pros and cons of the township leasing property even though he said sportsman clubs, with shooting ranges, have a great safety record. There’s some concerns, which we understand.

“It’s a positive thing. We’ve been waiting to sit down and have discussions. We have to convey that property somehow from one party to another. Hopefully, we’ll get it done Monday night. I don’t know why not. I’ve worked on the lease. To me it’s pretty cut and dry.”

The 100-acre area “at one time was slated for an industrial park,” Delamater said. “It’s next to the water treatment plant. It’s worth something to somebody. We wanted a straight up transfer for a lease with low cost. Maybe we’ll have an option to buy it out in the future.”

Township supervisor Jeff Chamberlain was unavailable for comment.