Spaghetti supper at St. Ignatius was a great success

The menu for the Luther site of the Lake County Meals Program for the week of April 4, 2011 is as follows:

April 4: Pulled pork on a bun, twister fries, tossed salad, applesauce

April 5: Country fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, tropical fruit

April 6: Chicken patty on a bun, potato wedges, California veggies, pears

April 7: Stuffed green peppers, baked potato, corn apple crisp

April 8: Popcorn fish, oven fries w/peppers and onions, cole slaw, fruit salad.

Welcome home to Jim Maiville and John Wilson, who arrived back in Luther the day before the last big snow! Do you suppose they brought it back from the south with them? At any rate, since it snowed last week, the sun has been shining, but it has been unusually cold for this time of year. I understand this week will bring warmer weather, and it can’t come too soon for most of us.

For several weeks  now, I have been reminding you about the Luther Library book sale, which was held on March 25 and 26. I was really looking forward to it myself. Can you believe that it came and went and I didn’t get to it?  Somehow in the back of my mind, I was thinking it was coming up this weekend.  I do believe old age is setting in.  Anyhow, I will check tomorrow, and if there are any books left to sell (and I just bet there are) I will let you know and we can get in on the “after” book sale.

Did you ever get flowers for no reason? Its not your birthday, you are not sick in bed, etc, etc, etc,?  Well, for the first time ever, we got a beautiful basket of live green plants, interspersed with lovely flowering plants.  When Patterson’s brought the basket, and I read the card, I was more than a little surprised and pleased to see that it was from our good friend, and my newest Scrabble partner, Rose Konarski. I think Rose may have heard me complain about winter one too many times, and sent these spring-like flowers to remind me that Spring indeed is just around the corner.

The spaghetti supper held last Saturday at St. Ignatius Church in Luther, was a great success.  The dinner was wonderful, and the auction afterward emptied lots of pockets. The dinner and auction was held to raise money to help build a school for our sister parish in Haiti.  Father Ron and three ladies from St. Ignatius and St. Ann’s churches visited Haiti last month, and brought back lots of pictures as well as information about the needs of these poor people in Haiti. As always, the people in and around Luther and Baldwin were more than generous in their contributions to this cause. And a good time was had by all. St. Ann in Baldwin will be hosting the same sort of evening on April 15 at St. Ann’s Parish Hall. Mark your calendar.

During a visit to the seniors home, a man asked the director, “How do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized?”  “Well,” the director said, “we fill up a bath tub. Then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him to empty the bathtub.”  “Oh, I understand,”  said the man “A normal person would use the bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the teacup.”  “No”, said the director “A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?”

Thought for the week: Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Have a good week.