CHASE — Author Juli Sisung can write a good novel. In fact, with her expertise in local Michigan history, she has written several novels. Her latest historical fiction series bases a family saga around the birth of Idlewild in the early 1900s.

Last year, she published her first book in the series, “Leaving Nirvana,” a novel based on love, oppression, race, gender and honor. This year, she published her second book in the series, “The Whipping Post: A story of oppression, enlightenment and redemption of those who tied and were tied with ropes seen and unseen.”

Sisung will launch her latest book from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 2, at the Chase Township Public Library.

“I am looking forward to returning to Chase,” she said. “They were so nice during my book signing last year, it was an easy pick. It is a great little library.”

Sisung will have her new book available to sign, and is offering an opportunity for an attendee to become a character in her third and final book in the series, which she already has begun writing.

“There will be two door prizes. One will be a gift basket and the other is an opportunity to be a character in my book. The winner can use their own name or they can choose another name. I will sit down with them and learn about who they are so I can make them a character,” she said. “I thought this would be a fun thing to do.”

Sisung is quick to pick up on traits and personalities, and she said this is what makes her characters realistic.

“Readers have told me they have enjoyed my books because of the build up in the characters. My books are lengthy because I take time to develop characters and bring them into the same room as the readers,” she said.

Sisung explained themes of her latest book.

“The main theme going on here surprised me. I learned a lot writing it. The second title, ‘A story of oppression, enlightenment and redemption of those who tied and were tied with ropes seen and unseen,’ captures what this book is about. People are oppressed with the unseen things. This explores how the love of power changes a person in harsh ways. A man in the book who has sons is so engrossed in his own power he doesn’t allow his sons to grow or love. He teaches them the love of power is everything, but he keeps them from the power of love,” she said.

Sisung, a native of Big Rapids, began writing her first novel, “Elephants in the Room,” at the age of 16. After retiring as dean of arts and sciences at Kellogg Community College, she began writing again.

In addition to writing about historic Idlewild, she has written a historical fiction series set in Hersey.