Sheriff race won by Richard L. Martin

LAKE COUNTY — After months of rigorous campaigning by sheriff candidates, incumbent Democrat Dennis Robinson, and Republican Richard L. Martin, republican, a majority of voters in Lake County chose Martin for sheriff in a closely ran race.

Martin received 2,649 votes to Robinson’s 2,569 votes received.

Martin attributes his success to months of door-to-door campaigning and reaching out to voters.

“I’m glad it worked out,” he said. “It really paid off to spend five to six days a week trying to meet whoever I could and introduce myself and ask people their concerns. It was a learning experience that I am thankful I had.

“What people really wanted in this county is change, to have a new perspective, which I feel I bring to the table not having worked for the department. I am a genuine person, and I keep working at things until I get results.

“I received a call from Sheriff Robinson this morning. He offered me congratulations and said he will help me out the best he can. Other men from the sheriff’s office also offered their help. I want to work with people and find the common ground so we can get things accomplished,” he said.

Martin said the biggest thing he wants to ensure is that the community works together to meet the needs in Lake County.

“I need people’s help and their input, from minor to major issues, to make sure the sheriff’s department responds to their needs from the small things to the big things,” Martin said. “To help encourage this communication, I am going to have an open door policy and transparency. It is good we live in an age of social media. I will keep my Facebook page up so people have ready access to discuss their concerns.”