Senior Health and Wellness Day hosted in Idlewild

Metro Detroit chapter aids Mid-Michigan branch of not-for-profit group

IDLEWILD — Woman's Life is a national organization working to improve its communities and support one another. The group's Southfield chapter lived up to that mission on June 6, with a trip to help their fellow members in Idlewild.

The members put on an event called Senior Health and Wellness Day to provide assistance and advice to seniors in the Lake County area. The program was lead by Vanessa Harris, vice-president of the Southfield chapter.

"We are a women's organization founded in 1893, and we try to do things to help the community," explained Harris. "We try to bring women together, take care of each other and take care of our communities. We're a not-for-profit organization founded to connect to each other, live healthier lifestyles and help the overall cause of wellness."

The group takes part in charitable projects like donating clothing to children, they support groups such as domestic violence support networks and they promote health initiatives. The Southfield chapter came to assist the Mid-Michigan chapter of Woman's Life with its mission of aiding the Idlewild community. The June 6 event focused on senior health and wellness.

"We want to ensure seniors are informed and avoid issues like skin cancer and provide information on different medications and choosing doctors," said Harris.

The members also came to show support for the Idlewild community. Many Idlewild residents have been working to open a community center at the former Masonic Temple in the area. Woman's Life will be helping raise funds for the building.

"They have a program to match the funds we raise," said Emerson Boles, president of the Mid-Michigan Idlewilders. "This is my first exposure to the group, but they are helping to enhance this community and create positive change."

Harris remarked Idlewild is a jewel and needs to be preserved for its cultural and historic importance. She believes the community must not be forgotten, no more than its people should.

"Our organization is all about fun, friendship and financial well-being," said Harris. "That's what we're trying to accomplish here."