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Baldwin Community Schools are looking for community input for their strategic planning process

BALDWIN — The current strategic planning process for Baldwin Community Schools is set to expire at the end of this school term and their administrators are looking for public feedback to help shape their plans for the next three to five years.

This is being done to refine the district's "focus points." These points are the areas the district wants to highlight in everything from major projects to day-to-day classroom attitudes. Community involvement will show what the district may want to change ... or not change.

"We're using people's input to develop focus areas, which are specific areas we want to stress and to continue to improve," said Simmons. "Our current plan has four focus areas: teaching for learning, parent and community involvement, school culture and climate and personal and professional development."

The district gave several reasons to parents and community leaders of why the strategic planning process is so important, and why their feedback is crucial.

  • It provides integrated, important input from community and staff
  • It presents a succinct and graphic picture of the district’s current status
  • It sets focused strategic goals that identify target areas to improve student achievement
  • It clearly delineates the role of the board of education and the superintendent/staff in strategic planning
  • It uses data to set goals and make important decisions
  • It helps identify areas to allocate increasingly scarce resources
  • It aligns board priorities with school improvement processes

"As school board members, we have to make the best decisions in these challenging, changing times," said Joseph Brooks Jr., the Baldwin Community Schools Board of Education President. "It is essential that we use data and stakeholder input to make decisions and to set priorities for our district."

Invitations will be sent out to parents and community members for an online set of questions to collect their opinions. There will also be a meeting on Monday, March 16, for others to make their voices heard and fill out a questionnaire.

The current plan is set to expire on Monday, June 15. This collection of feedback will allow those responsible for the district to see if the community thinks they are headed in the right direction and, if not, how they may want to redirect their efforts.