BALDWIN — Voters in the Baldwin Community Schools district made their voices heard at the polls on Tuesday during the special election for the school bond proposal. With 437 votes in favor and 501 votes against, the proposal for the .92 mill increase for major upgrades failed.

The school bond proposal carried only two of 11 precincts: Pleasant Plains Township with 145 votes in favor and 75 votes against; and Sweetwater Township with nine votes in favor and seven votes against.

The results for Webber Township were almost split with 85 votes in favor and 86 votes against.

"I am surprised we didn't carry Webber and Yates townships," said Superintendent Stiles Simmons. "Not carrying those two townships contributed to the failure of the bond proposal.

"I am disappointed that the bond proposal didn't pass. I know a lot of people worked very hard to see that our children and our community get a better educational setting. I would like to thank everyone who supported this effort and I would encourage them to never give up on our own children."

Simmons said the voter turnout this year was better than last year's school bond proposal election.

"We had a higher voter turnout this year," he said. "We did a better job at getting information out and engaging people with a door-to-door campaign, articles in the newspaper addressing specific renovations needed and campaigning at events in the community."