SAUBLE TWP. — One family's generous fundraising and donations are helping build up Sauble Township and keep it beautiful.

That family is the Benders, the owners of the two Na-Tah-Ka restaurants in Lake County, and this is the second year the Bender family has donated $1,000 to Sauble Twp.

"We've lived here all our lives, our business is here —  my parents bought it in 1967 —  this is where I was born," said Larry Bender, owner of both Na-Tah-Kas. "We were trying to think of ways we could help and we thought of the fireworks and the park. We like to donate to projects in our area because there's certainly a need here."

The money is raised by holding raffles and contests at Na-Tah-Ka. Half the money raised goes towards the Bass Lake and Star Lake Fourth of July celebrations, funding the fireworks display, while the other half is given to the park.

"This means a lot," said Bill Gillard, the Sauble Twp. supervisor. "When we put in the playground the community loved it, and the Fourth of July wouldn't be the same around here without this money from the Benders."

The park money helped build a swing set, the park's pavilion, tables, benches and even outdoor grills. The family is planning on continuing their giving next year, this time hoping to help the community buy a new fire engine.

Abbey Sisson, Bender's daughter and manager of Na-Tah-Ka, is humble about her family's work.

"It's all donated through the raffle, so it's all the community's money," said Sisson. "We just kind of hold it and organize it."

Still, Gillard thanked the Bender family and praised them for being not only charitable citizens, but pillars in the Lake County community.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Gillard remarked. "I hope they know how much we appreciate it."