Sauble Township holds groundbreaking celebration

SAUBLE TWP. – It started some time ago, this thinking about having a playground near the ball diamonds in Sauble Township, which is located right on the edge of Irons. When she learned about it, Beth Ruby didn’t have to think about it. She just up and donated the property.

In addition, other businesses and organizations contributed to the playground project, providing funds, labor, and materials, according to Bill and Jill Gillard, representing the township.

Among them, they added, were Heritage Bay Association, which donated money, and when they ordered cement from ABC Readi-Mix, not only was the cement donated, but so was the driver who stayed and poured it.

And so it was, in just the past few days, the Beth Ruby Playground became a reality.

On Thursday, July 1, a trio of grant-givers were on hand for the ground-breaking. They represented the Great Lakes People Fund, Baldwin Rotary Club, and Lake County Community Foundation. Those grants totaled $4,500 for the playground project.

Associate Pastor Chris Kaiser of Faith Fellowship Church offered prayer, and Beth Ruby did the first “official” shovelful.

Friday was to be the day the playground pieces were put together, but a short time after a time of fellowship that included cake and ice cream was over on Thursday, workers could be seen moving in, opening boxes, sorting pieces, and getting it going.

And it was on Saturday some adults confessed. The kids never had a chance. The adults had tested it early on, just to be sure it all worked, of course. In fact, a 90-year-old woman who had spent some time visiting a nearby museum stopped by, played on it a bit, and said it would certainly do.

Sauble Township and Faith Fellowship Church are good neighbors in every sense of the word. As a result, the boundaries between “church” and “state” know no boundaries. These two work together for a common goal. To serve others.

When the church offered to let the playground be built near its parking lot, allowing safer access to the area rather than from the main road, both parties thought it a great idea. And again this year, both the Sauble Township and the church shared the opportunity to celebrate the Fourth together with a party and then watching fireworks over Big Bass Lake, put on by the Big Bass Lake Association.

The church plans to put in a cement walkway, making the playground handicap-accessible from the parking lot. The township has already added picnic tables. And plans to add a grill. There is talk of putting in a drinking fountain as well.

Both the church and township provided all sorts of treats to eat on the early Fourth celebration on Saturday, the playground was nearly completed, but cement for the swing pads had to set longer. There were even big bounce houses for youngsters to enjoy, thanks to Faith Fellowship.

In addition, Cathy the Clown was on site to entertain young and old alike, a special guest at many events for a good many years.

For the township, for the larger community, for the church nearby, it’s all good.