LAKE COUNTY — While drivers have been contending with winter driving the past couple weeks, Lake County Road Commission crews have been working around the clock to keep up with conditions.

On Nov. 18, the road commission began the transition for winter maintenance with 24-hour coverage for maintaining roads.

“We have had interesting snow storms this month so far,” said Lake County Road Commission Manager Steve Leonard. “There have been a lot of car accidents, and people have been flying down the road. We cannot stress enough for drivers to slow down. Give our plows room.”

Leonard said when the side bar with green lights are sticking out on the plows, not to pass them on the right.

“We have been getting more lake effect snow with the lake being warmer. Winter weather started early this year,” he said. “We’ve transitioned well. Loaders are ready, the salt is ready and we are ready for Mother Nature to give her all. We are just asking everyone to be patient.

Thee road commission got 15 hundred tons of salt brine to fill their shed a couple weeks ago.

The road commission crews are running the highways at night, then country roads about 5 a.m. if there is a storm.

They also try to keep main travel trunks open such as M-63 and Hawkins Road. Highways are priority, then paved roads, then gravel, Leonard added.

“We run the blacktops on the weekend if there is enough snow or if they are very icy. There has been a little different kind of snow with the ground still being slightly warm. There were a lot of rollovers the other week. Speed is usually a factor with rollovers. A lot of people tailgate our trucks. Stay back. We cannot see you within 115 feet.”