Road Commission reports salt supplies are low

BALDWIN — Each winter in Michigan may seem like the most intense ever, but the Lake County Road Commission reports this year has been recorded at mostly normal levels.

Lake County saw 68 inches of snow thus far this winter. This runs about average, but it pales in comparison with the 132 inches received during last year's heavy snow season. Despite less snow, a lot of salt was still used as temperatures stayed much colder this winter as opposed to the 2013-14 winter.

"We are at average snowfall, but we saw some terribly low temperatures this year," said Jay Syrewicze, Lake County Road Commission superintendent. "That's hard on our equipment and hard on our guys."

On the major Michigan Department of Transportation routes of M-37 and U.S. 10, 1,850 tons of salt has been used. This equals $125,800 worth of salt. While the supply from MDOT is still plentiful at 1,230 tons remaining, the county supplies for smaller roads is dwindling.

"We only have enough salt left for one more ice storm before we'll have to start going into the MDOT supply," said Syrewicze "We only have about 70 tons left, and we've looked into getting more, but we can't."

Lake County had more snow this week, which should stretch the county supply very thin.

"Hopefully we'll have a mild March," Syrewicze remarked.