Return of overdue items help animals

BALDWIN — Pathfinder Library will be celebrating National Library Week from April 11 through April 16. If you bring a dog or cat food item for each overdue item returned to the library, overdue fines will not be charged. All pet food collected will be donated to the Lake County Animal Control. Now would be a great time to search out those overdue items, be it movies, books, or music CD’s and return them and help out the animals that really need the food.

This does not count toward any previous fines you might have with the library, but Bonnie will give you $10 credit on your account if you bring in 10 items of pet food. That will help your account and the animals.

We will also take any donations of pet food even if you do not have overdue fines. There are so many wonderful animals looking for a good home, so please consider the Lake County Animal Control when you are thinking of getting a pet. For questions please call (231) 745-4010.