Results for Aug. 4 primary races in Lake County

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LAKE COUNTY — The votes are in.

The following is a list of unofficial election results from contested races across Lake County and its townships.

United States Senator
Gary Peters (D): 1,004

United States Senator
John James (R): 1,696

Representative in Congress 2nd District
Bryan Berghoef (D): 943

Representative in Congress 2nd District
Bill Huizenga (R): 1,744

Rep in State Legislature 100th District
Sandy Clarke (D): 993

Rep in State Legislature 100th District
Andrew Sebolt (R): 426
Scott A. VanSingel (R): 1,378

Lake County Prosecutor
Craig R. Cooper (R): 1,590

Lake County Sheriff
Bruce L. Austin (D): 286
Dennis Robinson (D): 708

Lake County Sheriff
Rich Martin (R): 1,590

Lake County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Lisa Williams (D): 980

Lake County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Patti Pacola (R): 1,750

Lake County Treasurer 
Kellie Allen (R): 1,192
Erin Jaehnig (R): 477

Lake County Road Commissioner
Heather Braginton (R): 483
Adam DePew (R): 514
Rick Haslock (R): 681

Lake County Road Commissioner - Partial
William H. Atkinson (D): 300
Mike Leatherman (D): 245
Clyde Welford (D): 399

Lake County Road Commissioner - Partial
Jim Dingman (R): 591
Gaylen L. Madison (R): 477
Joan Runnels (R): 627

Lake County Surveyor
Patrick N. Johns (R): 1,588

Lake County Commissioner 1st District
Robert R. Sanders (D): 182

Lake County Commissioner 2nd District
Howard Lodholtz (R): 189

Lake County Commissioner 3rd District
Clifford D. Demos (D): 74

Lake County Commissioner 3rd District
Betty Dermyer (R): 222

Lake County Commissioner 4th District 
Dawn Martin (R): 332

Lake County Commissioner 5th District
Donald Arquette (D): 188

Lake County Commissioner 6th District 
Christine Balulis (R): 265

Lake County Commissioner 7th District
Leonard A. Todd (R): 43

Contested township races

Ellsworth Township Supervisor
Allen Dean (R): 113
David Middleton (R): 47

Peacock Township Supervisor
Tim T. Taylor (R): 38
Mark Venema (R): 52

Yates Township Supervisor 
Marilyn K. Burns (D): 87
Colleen Carrington-Atkins (D): 83
George Walker (D): 29

Dover Township Clerk
Frederick Heurtebise (R): 52
Jon Smith (R): 42

Sauble Township Clerk
Jana Jett (R): 43
Gail Raad (R): 57

Yates Township Clerk
Iris J. Hill (D): 74
Romayne Hollis-Raines (D): 119

Dover Township Treasurer 
Amanda Bailor (R): 52
Crystal L. Jurik (R): 52

Dover Township Trustee
Marcella M. Leusby (R): 51
Evan Vanderhoof (R): 72

Eden Township Trustee
Nancy Frazee (D): 40
Richard Hunt (D): 24

Lake Township Trustee
Susan M. Brown-Havens (R): 56
Kelly Drummonds (R): 115
John LaPointe (R): 101

Newkirk Township Trustee
Marilyn Gray (R): 104
Richard Hall (R): 88

Pinora Township Trustee
Robert Visner (R): 71
Sidney G. Woods (R): 75

Pleasant Plains Township Trustee
Susan Eling (R): 86
Sondra Lemm (R): 107

Sweetwater Township Trustee
Cindy Bosley (R): 17
Michael Gleason (R): 34

Webber Township Trustee
Kevin Newell (R): 83
Nicole A. Oisten (R): 67

Yates Township Trustee
Charles Atkins Jr. (D): 103
Shawn Emanuel Coffey (D): 137

Millages, proposals

Lake County Medical Proposal
Yes: 1,863
No: 755

Eden Contract of Lease Proposal 
Yes: 80
No: 61

Elk Contract of Lease Proposal 
Yes: 248
No: 140

Sauble Operations Millage Proposal 
Yes: 112
No: 65

Sauble Maintenance and Repair Proposal
Yes: 118
No. 58

Sauble Fire Operations Proposal
Yes: 121
No: 56

Sauble Vehicle and Equipment Proposal
Yes: 103
No: 71

Sauble Contract of Lease Proposal
Yes: 89
No: 85

Pine River School District Bond Proposal
Yes: 284
No: 262

Reed City School District Operating Millage Proposal 
Yes: 195
No: 144