Reds, golds of fall paint the landscape in Lake County

LAKE COUNTY — Vibrant autumn colors finally caught up with the scenery in Lake County the past few weeks.

With temperatures more mild than usual for this time of year, area residents and visitors have had more time and better weather to enjoy nature's colorful showcase.

Folks in the area could be seen kayaking and boating well into late October, getting close-up pictures of bright reds, orange hues and golden-greens casting glassy reflections of the pristine lakes.

Archways of brightly-colored tree boughs line the many winding trails and dirt roads, alluding to a quaint, magical fairytale-like setting, particularly when the sunlight is hitting just right.

Pam Simmons, artist and promoter of the Pere Marquette State Trail which runs through Lake County, agrees the autumn season highlights the unique beauty of the area.

"I would encourage everyone to get out on the Pere Marquette State Trail in Lake County this week," she said. "The wildlife, birds and picturesque landscapes are now framed by colorful fall foliage. Photographers, artists and bird watchers are sure to be inspired as we were last week while watching eagles soar over the colorful tree line along the trail."

While the beauty of the season permeates the trees and distant hills along the horizon with a kaleidoscope of color, spectacular splashes of blue paint the dramatic autumn skies — creating a feast for the eyes — nature's finale before the sleep of winter sets in.