To the editor,

The FBI arrested domestic terrorists in Michigan last Wednesday (Oct. 7). Their arrest warrants included securing a piece of property near Luther where the terrorists spent weekends making and blowing up IEDs as part of a plan to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and murder her.

The helicopter overhead was only another unusual event in a series of unusual events happening in eastern Lake County over the past weeks. Many of us spent weekends listening to window-rattling explosions and wondered what was going on.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told us about the plot to kidnap and murder her the next day. The shock of learning this was happening right here in our community still lingers, but now speculation, questions, and blame are part of the discussion.

Gov. Whitmer did not incite these terrorists to kidnap her. There was bipartisan support for her efforts to protect Michiganders from COVID until Trump’s misogynistic complaints hit social media.

Gov. Whitmer didn’t tell anyone about the plot because she was instructed by the FBI not to say anything. Stop blaming the victim for a moment and consider this:

How many people in Lake County were aware of what was going on in Luther but kept quiet?

How is it possible the county sheriff living in the same town the domestic terrorists were nearby detonating bombs never once thought this is something he should check out?

People determined to commit terrorist acts on our state leaders came to Lake County to plan their attack. If they managed to carry out their plans local authorities and residents could have been in harm’s way.

We’re fortunate the FBI and the Michigan State Police were able to stop these terrorists before they could act.

Now that we know, it’s time to ask what can we do better as a community to keep residents safe from domestic terrorism in Lake County.

Kelly Weaver

Pinora Township