Political signs create issue with roadways

LAKE COUNTY -- This year, like many others, has brought on a ton of political signs. With August elections approaching, many have been placed along the roads throughout the county.

Unfortunately, the Lake County Road Commission is required to remove signs on occasion when they are placed within the road right of way.

"As you can imagine this has a way of upsetting some folks," said Jessica LaPointe, Lake County Road Commission finance and human resources manager. "We do not remove these signs because we want, to cause anyone heartache. We do it to allow for clearing the edges of the road from tall grass and when they are a clear vision issue."


• State law reserves state highway rights of way for public use only and it DOES NOT allow the erection or placing of private or political signs.

• Political signs will be allowed on county roads as long as they are not placed at stop signs, intersections, hills, curves, railroad crossings, etc. and as long as they do not interfere with or cause a hazard to traffic or hinder any clear vision area.

• Permission must be obtained from all property owners prior to the installation of any signs in the county right-of-way.

• Any signs placed in the county right-of-way must be placed at least 20' behind the white line or edge of the road.

• After elections, it is the responsibility of each political candidate and party to remove all signs that have been erected in the right-of way within ten (10) days.

Any signs found to be in violation will be disposed of.