LAKE COUNTY — Sue Anne Crawford loves her job serving others by maintaining roads with the Lake County Road Commission as a road crew member. In addition, she takes her love for her work to the next level each holiday season, getting into the Christmas spirit by painting festive scenes on her plow.

Crawford showcases her holiday art at local Christmas parades, and the plow is displayed at the Lake County Road Commission in Baldwin throughout the winter season.

Crawford has been decorating her plow with Christmas scenes for the Santa Parade in Baldwin for eight years, and this year Crawford also drove her plow in the Evergreen Festival Parade in Reed City, where she took first place for her painting of a scene from “The Grinch.”

She also has painted her plow for the Troutarama festival in years past.

“This all began eight years ago when Amiee Pittman (with the Baldwin Area Arts and Action Council) came to see if the road commission could put a plow in the Santa Parade. My first plow painting was of three snowmen,” she said.

For her first time in the Evergreen Festival Parade, Crawford said, “They have it going on. I was impressed with all of the participation and how the speed of the parade was slow.”

The B-plow Crawford decorates hasn’t been used since the “big snow of ‘78,” Crawford added. “The plow was old, rusty and had oak moss growing on it. We cleaned it and shined it up.”

Other themes Crawford has used was Charlie Brown, last year; the theme from “Frozen,” a North Pole scene and others.

“I look for themes that are cool and Christmas-y to put on a plow. It wasn’t till recently I began going with themes from movies,” she added.

Crawford begins painting her plow every spare minute she has after Halloween.

“There is a lot of drawing and erasing until the scene comes together just how I want it,” she said. “I then paint the scene on my plow with Rust-Oleum. If the road commission has basic colors, I am free to use those, but if there are colors they don’t have, I purchase it.”