BALDWIN -- The Pleasant Plains Township planning commission considered a request for a special land use permit for a marijuana grow facility at 7320 Kentwood Ave., at its meeting July 18.

Following a public hearing, the planning commission approved the request with conditions.

Commission member Dave Palmer, joining the meeting via phone, told the planning commission that the special land use request did not meet the criteria set forth in the township marijuana ordinance.

"What they are planning is 80 by 40 foot truck containers," Palmer said. "They are not permanent structures and they are not in accordance with our ordinances."

Project planner Chris Connelly told the commission the plan was to use converted shipping containers that would be stand alone modules.

Commission member Dave Ghent said the township ordinance does not allow for shipping containers.

"We have had this issue before, and we made it illegal for any shipping containers in our township," Ghent said. "I don't see us passing this if it involves shipping containers. We can't ask our citizens not to have them and then let someone else have them."

"If you don't put any stake in the property and this goes bust, what is to prevent you from leaving us with the shipping containers to deal with," he added.

Commission member Randy Eling said in order to approve the project, the structure would have to be changed to comply with the township's building codes.

"That would have to be a condition to the application approval, and we would need to see that you have complied with the ordinances," he said.

Connelly said he was not aware of that provision in the ordinance, and that he would revise the plans to include a permanent structure with a concrete slab.

Connelly requested the commission give him a conditional approval so that he could go ahead and submit his application to the state.

"I can't submit a formal application until I get the special land use permit signed, so the sooner we can get that, the sooner we can be in business," he said.

The commission voted to approve the special land use permit on the condition the plan would be revised to include a permanent structure in place of the shipping containers, and that all the proper facility criteria are met, with Palmer voting against.

The commission will meet virtually on July 22, to review the revised plan and reconsider approval of the special land use permit.

For information on how to access the virtual meeting visit or call (231) 660-4797.