Pathfinder to host game day

BALDWIN -- The Pathfinder Community Library will be having game day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 9.

The public is invited to come to the library and check out this week's slate of new titles.

Book of the week

"The Last Train to London" by Meg Waite Clayton (fiction).

Truus Wijsmuller, a member of the Dutch resistance, risks her life smuggling Jewish children out of Nazi Germany to the nations that will take them. It is a mission that becomes even more dangerous after the Anschluss -- Hitler's annexation of Austria -- as, across Europe, countries close their borders to the growing number of refugees desperate to escape.

Tante Truus, as she is known, is determined to save as many children as she can.

After Britain passes a measure to take in at-risk child refugees from the German Reich, she dares to approach Adolf Eichmann, the man who would later help devise the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question," in a race against time to bring children like Stephan, his young brother Walter, and Zofie-Helene on a perilous journey to an uncertain future abroad. (

New mystery

"The Shape of Night" by Tess Gerritsen, "Elevator Pitch" by Linwood Barclay, "Death in Focus" by Anne Perry, "What Rose Forgot" by Nevada Barr, "The Fifth Column" by Andrew Gross, "Willing to Die" by Lisa Jackson, "Best Kept Secrets" by Tracey Phillips.

New fiction

"Close Combat" by W.E.B. Griffin, "The Seven Sisters" by Lucinda Riley, "Season of the Witch" by Christopher Knight, "For One Moment" by Christmas Carol Kauffman, "Us Against You" by Fredrik Backman, "Home for Erring and Outcast Girls" by Julie Kibler, "29 Seconds" by T.M. Logan, "Rival's Break" by Carla Neggers, "The Christmas Boutique" by Jennifer Chiaverini, "The Stranger Inside" by Lisa Unger, "Vow of Justice" by Lynette Eason, "The Last Heroes" by W.E.B. Griffin.

New nonfiction

"Our People Our Journey" by James McClurken, "Inside Out: A Memoir" by Demi Moore, "Radical: The Science, Culture and History of Breast Cancer in America" by Kate Pickert.