Paper Boots a testament to Lake County generosity

LAKE COUNTY — At various locations around town, festive displays of pink paper boots, such as the ones pictured above at the county courthouse, demonstrate how many people have made donations to this year’s “Walk for Warmth.” Workers at the courthouse teasingly report that it was easy to get contributions: “We just grabbed anybody who came by and told them they couldn’t leave until they gave us a dollar!” The courthouse volunteers were happy that they found donors for every single boot they were assigned.

The “Walk for Warmth” is scheduled to take place this Saturday, Feb. 25, and will commence at 10 a.m. at the St. Ann’s Church rectory, located at 690 East Ninth Street in Baldwin. Pledge sheets are still available for anyone who wishes to participate. All the funds which will be collected will be used to provide heating assistance to families in the Lake County area.

For more information regarding this popular yearly event, contact FiveCAP at (231) 745-4617.