Pantry provides fresh produce to families

BALDWIN -- The Lake County Community Food Council has been working with many community partners to provide fresh produce through the Bread of Life Pantry and to help mother's with a private place to breast feed their babies during Troutarama.

Spectrum Health, in partnership with the District Health Department No. 10, provided fresh fruits and vegetables along with nutrition education to families at Bread of Life Pantry in June and July.

The goal of this program is to improve access to fruits and vegetables and encourage healthy eating.

In addition to the fresh produce, two $5 vouchers were given to those who participated in their Prescription for Health Referral Program.

In June, 120 families and in July, 123 families benefited with coupons to buy fresh produce at local stores like Houseman's Foods.

"Thank you Cathy Myers and Bailey Parmelee for bringing fresh, healthy food to our community," said Pantry director Lynne Mills.

Amy Russell and Heidi Klees from the YMCA in Grand Rapids, in partnership with Spectrum Health, brought their "Veggie Van" to the Bread of Life Pantry to provide a bag of fresh produce to our families, as well.

Director, Belisa Melton, used grant funds to purchase fresh produce for Lake County families.

The Lake County Community Food Council also set up a breast feeding station during Troutarama to provide a safe and private place for moms to feed and change babies.