PHYLLIS KORTE: Luther Days is coming fast

The time is running out and Luther Days will be here before you know it. If you can help with any of the activities (and there are many) please call Patty Moore Pacola at (231) 388-5597.

The following story was written and published in the Lake County Star on Tuesday, December 22, 1987.

A Short Christmas Story

The little girl stood in the darkened foyer, afraid to breathe, lest she be discovered. Her mother and oldest brother were talking in the living room.

Her brother held a Mickey Mouse watch. It was every eight year old’s dream back in the forties. She knew it was for her. It had to be. Her older sister was too old for Mickey Mouse, after all, she was twelve.

Her younger sister was only a baby of three. No one would give a Mickey Mouse watch to a baby. She was just about to charge into the room, when she heard the big brother say that the watch was for the younger sister of his fiancé.

The little girl was crushed. How could he give her Mickey Mouse watch to another little girl? He must like the other little girl better than his own little sister. This was a Christmas the little girl would never forget.

Years passed. The big brother married his fiancé. He went off to war, as did two of the other brothers in the family. The little girl prayed for him all through the war. She was captain of the Communion Club in her class and the big brother was their serviceman, the one they prayed for every day. The big brother came home, had a family of his own and probably forgot all about the Mickey Mouse watch.

The little girl grew up. She married and had a family of her own. Once in a while she thought of the Mickey Mouse watch, but not too often. The last time she even mentioned it was at the wedding of her youngest daughter, which took place in October. The big brother was there.

The week after Christmas, the little girl (who was not a little girl anymore) received a call from the big brother, asking if he and his wife might come for a visit. The little girl (who was now a grandmother) said “come, by all means,” and so they did. The little girl was a little surprised by their visit, since they had just been to the wedding and they lived a great distance away.

When they arrived, the big brother handed the little girl a gift, wrapped in Christmas paper. She was surprised, since they had not exchanged gifts for many years.

She read the card, which said, “A very belated Christmas present to my little sister. Love you, Bill.” The little girl opened the box, and there, after all these years, was her very own Mickey Mouse watch.

After forty years, she had her Mickey Mouse watch, and she is probably the only grandmother in Lake County who sports one.

I wrote this story back in 1987, and it is a true story. It actually happened to me, and I will never forget it.

Thought for the week;  Pray for good weather for Luther Days!