PHYLLIS KORTE: A nice Mother’s Day gift

Daughter comes home to plant flower bed for mom

Over the years my oldest daughter has usually sent me a beautiful plant from the florist for Mothers day. I know how costly it is to do that, and I really didn’t want her to do that, but she lives downstate and isn’t able to be here for Mother’s Day. This year she sent me a card with the following message “I will come up and take you shopping for flowers to plant in your flower beds, then I will plant them for you.” Last Saturday she did just that. Her husband went into Home Depot and came back with eight bags of brown mulch, which she spread around the flowers. I now have new beds around the deck, and along side of the porch. All I have to do is water them! Thank you Kathy! I have been talking recently about trying to keep the lawn up the way Paul always did, and what a problem it is. I casually mentioned getting a goat. Two of my great granddaughters, 3 and 5, are concerned that I probably wouldn’t know how to take care of a goat – and I would have to say they are probably right. So, no goat for me! My grandson Eric, went fishing with his fancy fishing gear, his great bait and his three year old daughter Maddie. Eric cast out into the pond several times and got nothing. Maddie cast out her 18 inch pink Barbie rod, with bacon for bait twice, and on the second cast she caught a four pound bass. Not too long after her first catch, she caught a two pound bass. Guess Daddy should have traded his fancy rod for Maddie’s Barbie rod and bacon! A ventriloquist was making fun of rednecks with his dummy at a bar. Then an angry redneck stood up, rolled up his sleeves, and yelled, “I resent that!” The ventriloquist started apologizing to the redneck. The redneck looked at him and said, “You stay outta this. I’m talking to the guy on your lap! Thought for the week; Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the dumb can understand. Have a good week.
Luther Meals Program Menu The menu for the Luther site of the Lake County Senior Meals program for the week of June 17 is as follows:
  • June 17 — Pizza w/cheese, ham & pineapple, tossed salad, apricots
  • June 18 — Chicken alfredo, broccoli, carrots, peaches
  • June 19 — Meat loaf, baked potato, carrots, muffin fruited jello
  • June 20 — Baked ham, sweet potatoes, spinach, corn muffins, pineapple
  • June 21 — Veg beef barley soup, shaved turkey sandwich, banana