PASTOR'S PEN: ‘The danger of losing sight of Jesus’

There are many things in this life which provide serious danger to us. Things such as AIDS, cancer, harmful chemicals/pesticides, fire, lightning, side effects of FDA approved drugs, contaminated food and the improper use of a weapon are a few of the things which can provide tremendous danger to us. However, none of these things which can pose very serious peril to all of us can compare to the danger we face should we lose sight of Jesus Christ. Many of us do not realize the grave consequences of losing view of the Son of God. Unfortunately, anytime we are without Jesus locked into our focus or sights there is great potential for spiritual upheaval in our lives. In Luke 2:44 - 48 we find a wonderful story where the earthly parents of Jesus actually lose sight of Jesus for three days. This story sheds importance on the ultimate risk of losing Jesus, our Savior and it reveals three dangers of losing sight of who should be the most important person in our lives.

n The Danger of Wasted Opportunity

Without Jesus as the primary focus of our lives, we have the tendency to wander aimlessly looking for something to fill the void of not having Jesus in our lives. In John 6:66 - 69, after several people left Jesus because of His failure to perform more miracles for them or succumb to their selfish demands Jesus turns to His intimate disciples (the Chosen Twelve) and politely asks, will you also go away? Peter stated on behalf of the disciples, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. In other words, Peter and the other disciples knew the value of having Jesus Christ within their reach and focus — it meant no wasted opportunity to receive the blessings of the Master. Moreover, they understood this reality that trusting in the Lord does not allow for wasted opportunities or missed blessings.

n The Danger of Losing Sight of What is Important

We spend a huge amount time focusing our attention on many things which have very little or no significance to our lives. We must realize what is truly important in our lives — Jesus Christ. If we wish to live a blessed, happy and glorious life on earth, it only comes by focusing on Jesus. For example, in spite of the turbulent winds and raging waves on the sea of Geneseret Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus because he kept his focus on Jesus, but the moment he lose sight of what was important he began to sink.

n The Danger of Unnecessary Anxiety

Life already has enough anxiety and problems; there is certainly no need for unnecessary or additional anxiety because one fails to maintain a proper focus on Jesus. Matthew 6:25 -34 explains there is no need to worry, but without Jesus there will be unnecessary worry and concern. By placing Jesus in His proper place in our lives we are assured of peace and comfort in our daily walk (Philippians 4:6 - 7), but we must realize that we are prime candidates for Satan’s powerful assault if we do not have Jesus as the main thing in our lives.