PASTOR'S PEN: Faith and trust

By Theresa Fairbanks

Pastor of Crystal Valley and Walkerville United Methodist Churches

It was a beautiful fall day. I was getting ready to leave for a shift at work when all of  the sudden someone pulled into my driveway.

I looked and didn't notice who it was. There was a woman who came out and she had a slight limp. I walked out to see what I could help her with. She began to tell me a story how she and her husband had been working on their house. They were going to totally redo it so that it would be ready for their retirement. Her husband had gotten sick and dies six months before so they never finished the work. She also had a daughter with health issues who needed help which caused the mother to fall behind on her mortgage payments. The house was about to be foreclosed on.

I stopped her and I asked her why she would tell me. She told me God told her to pull into the driveway and tell the woman of the house; that she would help her. I asked her to come in and have a coffee. Well, I was born at night but it wasn't last night, and I know a lot of people will try to take advantage of the kindness of others. I planned to listen and maybe try help her get an extension.

To my surprise, she asked me to take a check for $350 and to hold it for two weeks. I really didn't believe it. I talked with her about my faith and questioned her own. Then I said I had a book I would like to give her. I needed to ask God what I should do. He asked me if I would give all in His name.

I had just gotten paid and I had the cash on me with about $30 to spare, so I gave it to her. I was so afraid to tell my husband what I had done. I went to work at 2 p.m. and began telling the other cashiers what I had done. I told them how I prayed and asked God what should I do. God said would you give all. They all got a laugh out of it and teased me for about two weeks. Every day, they would ask me if God told me anything new that day.

Now when I got home I told my husband. He just laughed and teased me about being "Theresa's Christian Check'n'Go." I told him I prayed, God spoke to my heart, and it felt like a test. Two weeks later, the woman returned. I was so relieved. God tests us all in different ways. I believe it's because He wants to know if you will trust Him. Jesus wants a relationship with you! I'm not sure if she was a scam artist, but she showed up. My husband was shocked. My co-workers were speechless.

I wouldn't suggest you should give money to a perfect stranger like I did, but I would remind you how Christ lives in all who believe and receive His sacrifice and forgiveness. He is just a prayer away. The closer we get to Him the easier it is to hear His voice. If you do listen and follow His leading, you might be there for such a time as this. In this way we can bring glory to His name!