PASTOR'S PEN: Don’t leave God out of your summer plans

The old saying that goes; “April showers bring May flowers” has never been more welcome for me than this year. I’m not sure if I’m just getting tired of these “Up North” winters or if I’m just getting older, and can’t take these long months of snow and ice. In either case, I’m extremely pleased that spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

Not all my rejoicing is about the weather however. It is even more about what the warm nights and long weekends will bring: As a community made up of many friends who leave us during the long winter months, we welcome our friends back, they are so important to our community as well as to our individual church families. We look forward to the annual Baldwin staples – the “Blessing of the Bikes,” and the “Troutarama” weekend. The Habitat golf outing. We enjoy the outdoors together; we enjoy our picnics, we enjoy the musical concerts on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at the Wenger Pavilion, we love to fish, swim, hike or bike, we enjoy a backyard barbecue or two; and still other people use and enjoy this time for boating, golfing, camping or even whittling. And let the truth be told, we really do enjoy the visits of our family and friends.

However, in all this, we sometimes try to jam so much fun into our summer days that we forget to save any time for our God. We forget, that God has asked us to keep the Sabbath, and to keep it holy. Now what does that mean, exactly? Let me just say what this does not mean.

It does not mean that God does not want us to enjoy the summer. We can have fun during the Blessing of the Bikes. We can have fun during the Troutarama weekend or the Habitat golf outing. We can have fun at our picnics and our concerts. We can have fun fishing, swimming, hiking or biking. We can have fun at our backyard barbecue. We can have fun golfing, camping, and yes, even whittling. We can have fun spending time with our families and friends. But we cannot forget God, or leave him out of our summer plans.

We need to take time for our spiritual welfare. We need to spend time in prayer, and in His Word. And yes, we need to spend time together in worship. Come; let us worship God together each and every Sunday. It will be time well spent. You can count on God for your summer fun.