Off the press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 90 years old, and come from the Dec. 10, 1926 edition of the Star. The Lake County Historical Society office and museum are located at 915 N. Michigan Avenue in Baldwin. Its mailing address is P.O. Box 774, Baldwin, Mich. 49304.

  • At the present telling there is every prospect that this will be a white Christmas. A drop in temperature to 16 below zero Sunday night and a six inch fall of snow Tuesday upon ground frozen a foot deep indicates that Dad Winter is on the job early this year and may make this visit a permanent one.
Big Star Lake is already frozen over, and Robert E. Baily last week crossed from Pine Grove Beach to Stumbles’ Point on the ice. Many of the smaller lakes are frozen strong enough to bear a walker. Tuesday’s snow was hard on the little folks, who had to wade to get to school. The village snow plow did not function, but the county plow was here at eight o’clock clearing the road so the children took to the street to get home. The county road commission is not letting the snow “get the jump” on them this year. It is too early for the big plows, but the scraper blade was used to good advantage and put the road into better condition besides. Wednesday night the road to Reed City was as good as in open season.
  • Fire broke out in the United Brethren parsonage at Chase Sunday night and burned off the roof in addition to badly damaging the sidewalls. There being no fire engine, the neighbors all rallied with their hand chemical extinguishers. Sulfuric acid, saleratus and water were stocked and the tanks replenished as fast as they were emptied. Despite considerable start, the blaze was conquered by the little extinguishers, assisted by a competent bucket brigade. The fire started at a thimble where the stove pipe ran through a partition.
  • Cecil Truman, postmaster at Luther, last week bought the F.G. Swanson store, one of the landmarks of the town. Mr. Swanson has been in business there for 25 years or more. The store was closed for a day to inventory the stock and reopened for business by the new proprietor. Mr. Truman is a good business man and should beat success in his venture.
  • In answer to inquiries, there is nothing in the law to prevent a farmer setting a trap in his hen house for a predatory mink. The only thing is, when mink are caught, notify game wardens of the fact, so that you may not be put to bother or expense in case they are found in your possession later.
  • Mrs. George F. Duffing’s division of the Ladies’ Aid will hold a baked good sale at the Duffing store Saturday, Dec. 11 all day. Home baked goods at right prices.
  • Five-tube Sonora radio used but a short time, for sale at a real bargain. Replaced by heavier outfit. Beautiful machine, splendid reception. Apply to Torbeson Drug Co.
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