Off the press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 90 years old, and come from the  October 29, 1926 edition of the Star. The Lake County Historical Society office and museum are located at 915 N. Michigan Avenue in Baldwin. Its mailing address is P.O. Box 774, Baldwin, Mich. 49304.

  • Blizzard rages all day Monday and spoils sport of Opening Day. Old J. Pluvius and Boreas linked forces in a game of Spoil-Sport Monday and completely ruined the opening day the shooting season. It blew and it snew and it almost friz. (original spellings) Snowflakes as big as pancakes sailed through the air and landed kerplunk in the eyes of the few hardy hunters who braved the elements, and formed a smoke screen that protected the birds and bunnies better than a sheaf of Baird Bans.
  • The short-time boys who had to get back to work Tuesday lost out and had to hunt pheasants around the Masonic Country Club, but the fellows who stuck out the week got some fine shooting, for it turned clear Tuesday and warm Wednesday, making conditions ideal. No great bags were reported, however. Two birds seemed to be about the limit, though in woodcock territory they got in a few long-bills to swell the count and train the shooting eye. Bird season does not close until Sunday night, but squirrel season ends Saturday night. Look out for that. 
  • The (Baldwin) Woman’s Club will give an Old Time Dance in the I.O.O.F Hall Friday evening, Nov. 5. Tickets will be 50 cents each and the proceeds will go toward a fund to furnish the kitchen of the Community Building, which it is hoped to build next year. The public is cordially invited to attend and help us in our efforts. Florence L. Homer, President.
  • Completion of the new power line this week, ready for test, leaves only the stringing of the village circuits and installation of meters to put the new power into commission. The last poles were set Tuesday and the wire crew was right on the heels of the pole-setting gang, so that the last wire was strung Tuesday night. Delay in receiving a few insulators, however, put off the test of the circuit until the wires are anchored beyond possibility of short-circuiting. The company is now ready to run its distribution lines in town and install the transformers. This will require some time, as all the old circuits most be tested out, and, where necessary, replaced. . . Meters have already been installed in the houses wired for new work, but the places now using meters and those on a flat rate will have to have meters installed.
  • The Somerset Club held its first meeting at the home of Mrs. D.R. Kennedy Saturday evening and elected officers for the year as follows. President – Lulu Wolgamott, Vice-President – Addie Thieman, Secretary – Ethel Potter, Treasurer – Irene Duffing. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Minnie DeWitt.
  • Three men broke jail at White Cloud the last of the week, two of them chicken thieves and one some other petty offense, so the officers are not worrying greatly.
  • SCHOOL NOTES. We hear that Warren Smith, who has been absent for nearly a month on account of whooping cough, has moved away for the winter.
  • Used car sale. Mason Chevrolet Company, Ludington, Michigan. Special – Chevrolet Roadster, new with license $554. 1926 Ford Ford or Sedan, $560; 1925 Chevrolet Coach, $ 550; 1924 Chevrolet Sedan, $350; 1923 Ford Coupe, $175; 1923 Ford Touring, $150.