Off the press

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 85 years old, and come from the March 25, 1932, edition of the Star.

n At a special meeting of the Lake County Health Committee last Thursday, plans were laid for a May Day health drive, to be staged with the assistance of the officers of the new three-county health unit .... following the roll call came the reports of members who had been asked to talk with five persons in their locality, to be sure they understood who pays our county nurse, Miss Betty Hurt. The county nurse is entirely supported by the Children’s Fund of Michigan, this being the gift of Senator Couzens to better health conditions for Michigan boys and girls. The county does not contribute one cent toward her expenses. The county does, however, pay $250 for a $23,000 program consisting of a full-time dentist, a full-time physician and a full-time sanitary inspector. The last two have already done considerable work in the county. Dr. Post, health officer of the three-county unit, then told of several visits he had made to the schools and of the examinations conducted. He said it was the aim to have 100% vaccination and 100% immunizations against diphtheria.

n Mrs. Otto Robbins plans a short one-act play and several musical numbers to be given after the Rebekah lodge meeting next Thursday night.

n We apologize. The Star regrets exceedingly that an error in correcting proofs last week made it appear that Andrew L. Bradford was a candidate for Treasure of Pleasant Plains Township on both the Republican and Citizens ticket. Mr. Bradford is the Republican nominee, and George Blass, Sr. is the Citizens candidate.

n Baldwin High’s crippled team put up a game battle against the rangy lads from Harris Consolidated School of Brethren at the opening of the state finals Thursday night, and after a thrilling fourth quarter in which they scored seven points to three for Brethren, they lacked but three points of tying the boys who carried through to the final game at East Lansing Saturday night.

n Brethren was touted as a great team because of their height and their team work, four of the boys having played together for the past four years. They were up to specifications, without a doubt, and put up a game that for class rivaled anything seen on the court that night. Baldwin, handicapped by injuries and illness, made a game fight that brought cheers from the spectators who jammed the gym, and actually scored enough points to have been returned winner had all their baskets counted. Two field goals scored on brilliant shots by Wilder were disallowed, one for steps and one for having a toe out of bounds, and both he and Dorian (Wilkinson) were compelled to trade a tossed basket for two free throws only one of which each scored .... A good sportsman can take a beating with a smile and these boys are smilers – these boys and their coach (Ronald Bigelow). The “Big” in Bigelow just naturally belongs there.

n All-Indian orchestra at Township Auditorium tonight.

n Prosecutor W.B. Pool is quite ill with flu at the home of his niece, Mrs. Walter Jackson, at Big Rapids. His physician has forbidden him to be out for a week and he has been running quite a temperature.

n Winter may have been a long getting here, but let its arrival be known, even if it did arrive on the first day of spring. The county snow plows were out the first of the week each day, battling the deepening snow, and Wednesday had to use the plows themselves instead of just using the scraper blades.

n From the Column the Star-ette. Sayings of Old by Robert Bromley:

Some make mountains out of mole hills.

A glass is good, and a lass is good, and a pipe to smoke in cold weather.

He is a fool, who thinks by force or skill to turn the current of a woman’s will.

The wrong way always seems the more reasonable.

No question is ever settled until it is settled right.

n Hide your dollars where they’ll be absolutely safe, by putting them into improvements for your home. No thief can touch - no panic can destroy – values that are built into your home. Hide a ten or twenty dollar bill in a new floor for that room, a needed closet; a somewhat larger sum in a new porch, roof or garage. In fact, there are “hiding places” in your home for almost any sum, large or small, that you can conveniently spare. And money thus “hidden” not only is safe but is wisely invested because you will actually save money by making improvements now.

Dollars thus “hidden” are working dollars – giving employment – make business – helping the community and the nation. Advertisement – The Baldwin Lumber Co. H.C. Allison, Manager. The Big Red Shed at the Railroad Track – Phone 20.