Observe boating safety rules to avoid accidents

COLUMBUS — The summer season is here and it’s a popular time of the year for cookouts, fireworks and boaters. It’s also important to remember the safety precautions to take during all of these activities.

The U.S. Coast Guard just released the 2010 recreational boating statistics. In 2010, Michigan had 25 deaths from boating accidents, a decrease in nine deaths from 2009. In 2009, Michgian ranked fourth in the nation for boating deaths with 36. Although the number of deaths decreased, people still need to be reminded about boating safety, life jacket safety and the importance of boating safety.

The National Safe Boating Council wants everyone to have a Safe Summer, www.safeboatingcampaign.com/survivor.htm, whether they’re avid boaters, recreational boaters, or boat passengers. The NSBC is encouraging people to make a pledge that they will always wear their life jacket on a boat, remain sober and alert, stay in control of boating craft and know and obey all navigation rules. The council also wants to know about people’s best boating stories, whether they’re silly, sinister or serious.