OFF THE PRESS: April 21, 1939

Editors note: This article is part of Off The Press, in which the Lake County Historical Society shares stories and other details from previous editions of the Star. These points of interest are 75 years old, and come from the April 21, 1939 edition of the Star. The Lake County Historical Society office and museum are located at 830 N. Michigan Ave. in Baldwin. Its mailing address is 830 N. Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 774, Baldwin, Mich. 49304.

  • Dr. Hope Nichoson Here Sunday A.M. While many communities have seen local people engage in missionary work, few have been privileged to see them rise to heights of service and make it their life work. Lake County has been one of the few who have seen a life devoted to service, in the person of Dr. Hope Nichoson, who has spent most of her adult life in service in India. Dr. Hope is the daughter of Probate Judge Nichoson. Devoted to the cause of humanity, she undertook the difficult task of planting and fostering Christianity in an alien soil. Dr. Nichoson talks of her work, but not of herself. To hear her is to gain the impression she is merely a cog in a large wheel, but one who truly sees her wonders if perhaps she is not the wheel itself.
  • CHILD HEALTH DAY PROGRAM. Thursday, April 27th. Parade formation on Court house lawn at 12:30. Auditorium Program at 1:30. May Pole Dance, Folk Songs, Remarks by Dr. Sears, Health Officer, District Health Unit No. 5.
  • Dr. E.R. Lee, Optometrist of Muskegon will be at the Hotel Fenner, Baldwin Wednesday from 2:00 to 8:00 for Optometric Eye Treatment. Glasses furnished if needed. Regardless of patients securing $5.00 or $15.00 glasses I give them the same careful service.
  • DID’JE EVER HAVE HEART TROUBLE? Let the Junior play convince you that yours was minor. Heart Trouble, a true domestic comedy, will be presented the Junior Class at the Township Auditorium on Friday.
  • Two more citizens were added to the roster Monday when Judge Max E. Neal admitted Ignatz Dombrowsi of Irons and Konstanzia Czzajkowski of Luther, wife of Max to citizenship.
  • With the walls of the new Reed City hospital completed and finishing work started, the Reed City Woman’s Club is joining in the fund raising program by putting on a Samples Bazaar Thursday at 4 p.m. Like most of these affairs, it costs a dime to get in and let your conscience by your guide in getting out. Everything you do costs something, but you don’t begrudge the money spent in a good cause. Lake County has supported every progressive movement of the Reed City hospital and will continue to cooperate by loosening their purse strings and patronizing the fish pond, fortune telling booth, beano, lunches and what-all. After all, if the good women of Reed City can give their time to service, we can afford to give ours to be entertained.
  • Carr Settlement: Lake School children went to Baldwin Friday to take part in the Music Festival. The little folks were dressed in blue to represent blue bells.
  • Bass Lake School News: We are very proud of the five dollar prize we won for the County Art Contest. We’re going to plan a trip.
  • Of Michigan’s total land area of 36,787,200 acres, approximately 56 percent is today classified as forest or wild land.
  • Marlboro Extension Group motored to Branch to have its last meeting with the Misses Ida and Ellen Stevenson in their new home. We had a pot luck dinner at noon. Small tables were set for fourteen.
  • From the Hee Haw News: Beautify your yard with trellises and garden furniture. Make them yourself and paint them in some of the gay colors we carry in stock. The Baldwin Lumber Co. Phone 20-F2.
  • At a meeting of the Baldwin Commercial Club the following resolution was offered and unanimously approved: Be it resolved: That the Village Council be given a vote of approval for their co-operation with the citizens of this Village in the way of free removal of rubbish during the Annual Clean-Up Week, now in progress.
  • The electors of Yates Township celebrated with a party at the Purple Palace Saturday night. The place was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and the party was well attended, the guests enjoying the splendid lunch and tidbits served.
  • Idlewild: The Wimodausis Club met at the home of Mrs. Mattie Henderson for their regular meeting.
  • Luther: Mrs. Fred Johnson was hostess to the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church last week. The ladies tied two quilts and made tentative plans for a tea in the near future.