New rescue equipment

Webber Township Fire Department to do trail rescues with new Polaris Ranger

WEBBER TWP—Gone are the days when the Webber Township Fire Department had to rescue people out of the woods by carrying them physically more than a mile on narrow trails. The days of getting big fire trucks stuck in deep snow out in the woods are over.

The Webber Township Fire Department got a new Polaris Ranger, which is equipped to go on rescues down the deepest trails. It has wheels, tracks and even skis for winter.

The front part of the vehicle holds two firefighters and an Emergency Medical Technician, said Fire Chief Aaron Summers. Attached to the front is a cab to hold the person being rescued and the EMT to medically assist the person.

“This Polaris for rescue operations is the first of its kind in the county,” Summers said. “Peacock LTD gave us a very generous discount. It has multi-use. In addition to search and rescue operations we also will use it to survey wildfire scenes. It will cover ground much faster, and with the growing ORV presence in Lake County, this is very needed.”

This state-of-the-art equipment was funded with the Webber Township Fire Department budget, Summers said.

The hard work and investments of the Webber Township Fire Department are paying off. In addition to getting a new Polaris Ranger, they received a high Insurance Services Office inspection score of four, which is an exceptionally good ranking for a township volunteer fire department. Summerville said in previous years, an ISO score of seven was more typical for the Webber Township Fire Department.

“We train on a weekly basis, and we train hard,” he said. “We have to for a good ISO rating.”