BALDWIN — Lake County Road Commission (LCRC) crews are now busy replacing a culvert on Sanborn Creek at the Forman Road crossing — a project they began on Aug. 13.

Forman Road, north of U.S. 10, will be closed to traffic until the project is complete, and will be detoured from 40th Street, to Merrillville Road to U.S. 10. The project is expected to take three to four weeks to complete.

“We are replacing an existing culvert with an aluminum culvert with a bottomless arch, allowing the stream to flow freely, creating better fish flow,” said LCRC Manager Steve Leonard. “Currently, the stream is dammed up at the road crossing.”

The new culvert is 60-feet long, 18-feet across with a five-feet rise.

The LCRC has been partnering with the Conservation Recourse Alliance (CRA) the past couple of years to connect 14 miles of the Sanborn Creek by placing new culverts at road crossings.

“This is the second to the last culvert replacement to complete 14 miles of stream,” Leonard said. “Kings Highway was the first stretch of the stream where we replaced the culvert, and right away, the fish started moving in greater numbers. It was amazing to see.”

The intersection of State Road and 32nd Street will complete the whole stretch from Baldwin to west of Chase.

“The CRA has provided the majority of funding for this stream project, and the LCRC contributes a 50 percent equipment and labor match. The Great Lakes Initiative Fund also has helped with funding, as well as the U.S. Forest Service.

“This helps out the county tremendously. These projects would not get done if the road commission had to pay for them, because we wouldn’t be able to afford it. The CRA is responsible for the improvements of 46 streams crossing in our county,” Leonard added.