LAKE COUNTY — The Lake County Board of Commissioners will have some new faces. Voters decided on three contested commissioner races in Tuesday's election.

Voters in Cherry Valley, Peacock and Webber townships elected Democrat Robert Sanders to represent District No. 1. Sanders, (430 votes), defeated Republican Dan Dubreuil (350 votes). Sanders will replace Commissioner John Brunn.

In a contested race for the District No. 5 commissioner seat, voters in Elk, Sauble and Eden townships supported Democrat Donald Arquette, defeating incumbent Joan Runnels, Republican, by 436-388 votes.

Incumbent Christine Balulis, Republican, will remain commissioner for District No. 6, representing voters in Lake and Pleasant Plains townships. Balulis received 418 votes, defeating challenger Jessica LaPointe, Democrat, who received 310 votes.

Dawn Martin won District No. 4 commissioner seat in the primary election, replacing Kate Maddox. Martin ran unopposed on Tuesday, receiving 527 votes.

Some commissioners will be returning for another term after running unopposed Tuesday. Howard Lodholtz, commissioner for District No. 2, received 502 votes. Betty Dermyer, District No. 3, received 422 votes and Karl Walls, commissioner for District No. 7, received 179 votes.