BALDWIN — Check out these new books at the Pathfinder Library.

Quote of the week: “A library is proof that you can never have too much of a good thing!”

Book of the week: “The Friend,” by Sigrid Nunez. (Fiction) When a woman unexpectedly loses her lifelong best friend and mentor, she finds herself burdened with the unwanted dog he has left behind.

Her own battle against grief is intensified by the mute suffering of the dog, a huge Great Dane traumatized by the inexplicable disappearance of its master, and by the threat of eviction: dogs are prohibited in her apartment building.

While others worry that grief has made her a victim of magical thinking, the woman refuses to be separated from the dog except for brief periods of time. Isolated from the rest of the world, increasingly obsessed with the dog’s care, determined to read its mind and fathom its heart, she comes dangerously close to unraveling. But while troubles abound, rich and surprising rewards lie in store for both of them.

New fiction: “A Spark of Light,” by Jodi Picoult; “Holy Ghost,” by John Sandford; “The Clockmaker’s Daughter,” by Kate Morton; “Button Man,” by Andrew Gross; “Blood Communion - a tale of Prince Lestal,” by Anne Rice; “Gone so Long,” by Andre Dubuis; “Dear Evan Hansen,” by Steven Levenson; “Unsheltered,” by Barbara Kingsolver; “Waiting for Eden,” by Elliott Ackerman; amd “Tailspin” by Sandra Brown.

New nonfiction: “The Cherokees,” by Grace Steele Woodward; “In Pieces - a memoir,” by Sally Field; “Fame - the hijacking of reality,” by Justine Bateman; “Intrepid: the epic story of America’s most legendary warship,” by Bill White; “Small Fry,” by Lisa Brennan-Jobs; “Another Good Dog - one family and fifty foster dogs,” by Cara Sue Achterberg; “Heavy - an American memoir,” by Kiese Laymon; and “My Love Story - a memoir,” by Tina Turner.

New mystery: “Brotherhood in Death,” by J.D. Robb; “Down the Broken Road,” by J.R. Backlund; “Cold Earth,” by Ann Cleeves; and “The Confession,” by Jo Spain.

New large print: “A Spark of Light,” by Jodi Picoult; “Leverage in Death,” by J.D. Robb; “Ambush,” by James Patterson; “Button Man,” by Andrew Gross; and “Imposter’s Lure,” by Carla Neggers.