BALDWIN — “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader,” Margaret Fuller. Stop by the Pathfinder Library and check out these new titles.

Book of the Week: “The Boy at the Keyhole” by Stephen Giles. Nine-year-old Samuel lives alone in a once-great estate in Surrey with the family’s housekeeper, Ruth.

His father is dead and his mother has been abroad for months, purportedly tending to her late husband’s faltering business. She left in a hurry one night while Samuel was sleeping and did not say goodbye.

Beyond her sporadic postcards, Samuel hears nothing from his mother. He misses her dearly and maps her journey in an atlas he finds in her study. Samuel’s life is otherwise regulated by Ruth, who runs the house with an iron fist.

Only she and Samuel know how brutally she enforces order.

As rumors in town begin to swirl, Samuel wonders whether something more sinister is afoot. Perhaps his mother did not leave but was murdered—by Ruth.

New Fiction: “The Alice Network,” by Kate Quinn; “Kiss of Pride,” by Sandra Hill; “The Story Keeper,” by Lisa Wingate; “Lake Success,” by Gary Shteyngart; “Sleepwalker,” by Karen Robards; “Thief’s Mark,” by Carla Neggers; “Undaunted,” by Diana Palmer; “The Cottages on Silver Beach,” by Raeanne Thayne; “The Calling,” by Suzanne Woods Fisher; “A Prince Among Them,” by Al Lacy; “Depth of Winter,” by Craig Johnson; and “The Christmas Secret,” by Wanda Brunstetter.

Young Adult: “What’s Happening to Grandpa?” by Maria Shriver; “Dog Man — Lord of the Fleas,” by Dad Pikey; “Explorers and Traders,” by Anne Millard; “Leona’s Unlucky Mission,” by Shana Muldoon Zappa; and “Sideways Stories From Wayside School,” by Louis Sachar.

New Nonfiction: “Learn to Read Music in 10 Lessons,” by Terence Ashley; “Mount Rushmore,” by Lincoln Borglum; “California Trail — voyage of discovery,” by Charles Dodd; “Oregon Trail • the story behind the scenery,” by Dan Murphy; and “Crater Lake,” by Stephen Mark.