LAKE COUNTY — Jodi Nichols, new director for Lake and Oceana counties economic development alliances, was able to see first-hand the opportunities and challenges faced by businesses in Lake County last Wednesday when she toured the county.

The morning started out with Nichols being introduced to members of the Lake County Board of Commissioners at their monthly meeting. She then visited businesses and organizations throughout the county with LCEDA board members.

“I am happy to support businesses, to retain them and make the area business friendly,” she said. “I will be in the county a couple days a week.”

LCEDA President Barbara Stenger said Nichols was well received throughout the county.

“We visited places such as Big Star Lake, Idlewild, Chase and Irons. We hit every corner of the county and met a lot of people who are very happy with our new director. Jodi was able to listen to future plans from local businesses,” Stenger said.

Pat Williams, treasurer for LCEDA, took Nichols to businesses in Webber Township.

“Jodi has a lot of contacts and resources to bring development to Lake County, She is especially looking at enhancing the tourist industry here. If you own a business here, you will probably be hearing from her,” Williams said.