Murder charged dropped against Skrzycki

With plea deal, Irons woman will testify Adamczak murder trial

By John Counts

Manistee News Advocate

MANISTEE – A murder charge against an Irons woman was dropped in exchange for her willingness to testify against others in the death of Vincent Adamczak.

Rosemary Skrzycki, 61, pleaded no contest to a charge of accessory after the fact, a five-year felony, in the 19th Circuit Court Monday.

A guilty plea was entered for her by the court. Skrzycki and Adamczak were acquaintances, according to police. She will continue to be held at the Manistee County Jail without bond.

After reading the police report in court, Judge James Batzer said he was reluctant to accept the plea, stating Skzycki was more than just an accessory after the fact. Aiding and abetting a felony murder is a much more severe charge with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

“She will testify truthfully in all matters,” said Jane Johnson, Skrzycki’s attorney.

Michigan State Police have not arrested any other suspects, but officials believe there is another person involved in the murder of Adamczak, who was last seen in the Wellston area in 1995. Skrzycki will now be expected to testify against people who may later be arrested.

Adamczak wasn’t reported missing to the authorities until 2002. Police treated it as a missing person case until 2003. This past June, state police combed two properties in Wellston and Irons looking for clues in the murder investigation because they had received new information that prompted them to ask the prosecutor’s office for search warrants.

Evidence was obtained by the state police that shed new light on the case.