MSU Extension to host homeownership orientation class

BALDWIN — For anyone planning on buying a home or those who want to see if it is an option, Michigan State University Extension may have the ideal class to learn about the housing market, and how people in this community can make good decisions when exploring it.

The finance and homeownership education class shows people the ins and outs of buying a home: the facts, the pitfalls and the shortcuts. An orientation for the class will take place first, followed by weekly classes held in Ludington run by MSU Extension's Bill Hendrian, who is a certified housing counselor.

"It's an opportunity for people to find out if home buying is something they want to pursue," said Hendrian. "People can find out how to get assistance or find out what their options are. We really just want to show people how they can make an informed decision."

The orientation will be at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, at the Michigan State University Extension office in Baldwin. The subsequent classes will be on Tuesdays, at a time to be determined.

Hendrian said people can get information about financing, searching for homes, the steps of making an offer, closing on a house and maintaining the house after it's been purchased.

Those attending the class will receive a certificate of home ownership education. This certificate can give people extra options when buying a home, or qualify them for better results when determining factors like downpayment assistance or interest rates.

"Lenders want responsible people buying houses, because responsible people will be the ones who will pay them back," remarked Hendrian.

No one should enter the house buying arena without knowing what they are getting into. For those who aren't sure if they are ready, this could be the perfect opportunity.

"If anyone has a desire to own a home or if they feel like they didn't know enough when they did buy a home, this is something they should check out," said Hendrian.

There is no charge or registration necessary. The MSU Extension office is located at 830 Michigan Ave., Suite 601. For more information, call (231) 745- 2732.