Luther to host prescription drug collection

LUTHER — Residents of the Luther area are invited to drop off any expired or unused medication for proper disposal at a drug collection event sponsored by the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

The collection will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 19, at the Luther Lions Club. Lake County Sheriff Dennis Robinson said this collection is being offered to make the proper disposal of medications easier on residents who live in the northern parts of the county.

"We always collect drugs at our station, but it can be difficult for some people to get here from the Luther or Irons area," explained Sheriff Dennis Robinson. "I'll be going up to Luther on a Saturday just so we can get some more unneeded medication out of circulation."

The collection will not accept aerosol cans, salves, liquids or needles. All other prescription medication is welcome and will be eliminated in a manner which is safe and environmentally conscious.

"Too many people flush their drugs down the toilet or throw them away and then it ends up in the water or in a landfill, and can then cause environmental problems," said Robinson. "All the medications we collect go to the Drug Enforcement Agency for proper disposal so they are eliminated in a way that won't cause any harm."

Authorities agree getting unneeded medication out of circulation is crucial and can prevent many problems. Robinson said acting responsibly when dealing with prescription substances means maintaining a far safer home and community.

"If small children get their hands on medication, they can possibly overdose," said Robinson. "There's also the chance any old narcotics lying around leave the opportunity for others abusing them. There were cases where individuals would stop at a person's house to use the bathroom, and when they go inside they would steal their medication. Getting rid of old medication in the proper way just prevents all of these risks."